Dimension SST 1200es

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Type of 3D files:

The Dimension Printer uses only STL(.stl) files.

Size Limits:

Dimension SST 1200es: The part(s) can be no bigger than 10 x 10 x 12 inches and no thinner than .013 inches. Anything thinner is prone to warping and breakage.

Data size limits: We are still testing the file size limits. We can definitely accept anything below 100MB and have had success with files up to 300MB, but we are uncertain how much bigger we can go from there. Please contact us if you have a large file you'd like to try.


Dimension SST 1200es: Cost for anyone associated with the University of Iowa is $7.00 per square in. of model and support material used.

Example cost:
The Statue of Liberty on the gallery page was printed hollow in the Dimension printer. The cost is about $50, or $150 if printed as a solid object.

To minimize costs:
Send smaller models.
Hollow out solids (you are charged based on the total volume of your 3d model.)
Send only what you can't build by hand.

Printer Limits:

A charge will not be applied if there are major flaws in the printing due to errors caused by the 3D Printing Facility. However, the charges will be applied if errors are caused by design of the model. It is also important to note that the 3D Printers' main function is to be a proof-of-concept device. This means that both printers will create a 'rough' model of your design to show if there are any major flaws that need to be fixed before going into full-fledged production mode. If minor flaws occur do to the 3D printers that do not interfere with the proof-of-concept function, the models will be considered printed successfully and the customer will be charged appropriately.

We WILL NOT charge if:
The model is unfinished/did not fully print
Power loss
System malfunction
Model did not print as software indicated

We WILL charge if:
Parts are too fragile and break
Parts break during handling process (does not include gross negligence)
Inaccurate color
Model contains minor flaws that do not interfere with proof-of-concept function