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Christopher Hunt

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Modern Art

Christopher Hunt is a second-year MA student specializing in modern art. He received his BA in history from the University of Michigan, where he also minored in the history of art and museum studies. As a capstone for his undergraduate history education, Christopher wrote a thesis titled “Glimpses of Agrarian Socialism: Anglophone Portrayals of the Collectivization of Agriculture in the Soviet Union during the First Five-Year Plan and Beyond,” which chronicled the portrayals of agricultural collectivization in photojournals and other sources during the Interwar Period in the Soviet Union. The photographs and photomontages in these sources piqued Christopher’s interest in the applicatory nature of art, and how it can reflect, justify, or challenge sociopolitical trends and ideologies. For his MA research, Christopher is studying German Expressionism and its links to socialism and social justice both before and during the Weimar Republic, in addition to Constructivism and nascent Socialist Realism in the Soviet Union during the Interwar Period.

Selected Works