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Casey Newberg is a designer and craftsperson from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She received her BFA in Metals and Jewelry design with honors and was presented with the studio excellence award her senior year. She graduated in 2018 from Kendall College of Art and Design with a minor in Art History. In 2019 she was awarded a Windgate fellowship from the Center for Craft which allowed her the opportunity continue her practice in electorofrming and explore other large scale metal practices. Newberg is currently a University Fellow and MFA candidate at the University of Iowa where she will be expanding on her electroforming experience, 3D and digital process’, and vessel scale forming while learning how to integrate new materials, techniques, and ideas into her craft. 

Newberg has often focused on the female figure and the reductive nature that the body can play in society. By dismembering and re-arranging a form an audience is able to find something unique and personal within each piece. While integrating color and 3D printing processes, each form finds a personality that can be validating, challenging, or completely foreign to an audience. By attempting to explore an internalized ideal of what it is to have a “feminine” figure, she aims to deconstruct her frustrations with herself and her world. 

Newberg’s current work is focusing on the fragility and futile nature of life and time which can manifest in both dark and etherial worlds. Turning to a more etherial world, she is still learning how to manifest her current ideas and goals.

Selected Works

This form was inspired by a stretched and elongated figure with a dilated substructure. The shape is both comfortable and sensua
This form was inspired a resting state of a woman, leaning back and comfortable. I chose pink for my work to further the concept
This form was inspired by swelling stomaches and arched backs which feels both maternal and comforting. I chose pink for my work
The Rail Flatware is made completely out of stainless steel. The handles and "business ends" were cut separately and soldered to
I crafted this comb as a result of this toxic pattern I followed for years. It’s made in a large track-like pattern and has shap
Inspired by Rei Kawakubo's designs in the 80's, this design is threaded through the ears and is rooted in reductive design ideal
This form was inspired a resting state of a woman, leaning back and comfortable, similar to Conceive. I chose pink for my work t
These Sewing Scissors were created after given a prompt of creating a unique instrument of craft. I was a fashion major at the t