Connor Colvill

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Graduate Student

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Connor Colvill uses the motion of making as a means of celebrating experience and recognizing contextual patterns.  The images are created in a similar way that the brain builds dream spaces—by integrating acquired fragments of sensory input into collective mental ecosystems or circuits.  The resulting dreamscapes are distorted reflections of the changing environment.  Through the dreaming of these images, Connor has learned that he chooses imagery and processes in the same way a chameleon chooses color, by reflection of circumstance.  The mind stands as a horizon between what ‘happens to me’ and what ‘I do.’  The effort of making images then, is similar to that of meditation—to realize the singularity of what he knows to be a duality.

The hybrid element found in his choice of imagery and process/media seeks to provide a life-quality to the images.  The exercise of shifting imagery throughout context and translating an image through stages of process turns the concrete qualities of meaning into a natural, fluid form.  Printmaking, in many ways has acted this role upon him; being a vehicle to explore the company of new people, places, and ideas.

Selected Works