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Gracie Baer is an artist from Jacksonville, Florida. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida, majoring in photography and minoring in creative writing, in 2018. She is currently a MA/MFA candidate at the University of Iowa, focusing on Sculpture and Intermedia. Gracie works with topics of permanence, ecological collaborations, and researching the likeness between animals and evolutionary adaptations to protect oneself. Growing up on a small farm led to Baer’s interest in the perception of human and animal relations. Spending much of her young life as a forager, Baer’s practice is heavily influenced by the ecosystem surrounding her, biological elements, and creating a symbiotic relationship with the habitat around her.

Working from a corporeal perspective, Baer often works with performative actions as a material or subject to inhabit a continuous curiosity about the body and role in society relating to biological beings. Baer creates sculptural installations to reflect self-worth, non-human and human connections through fiber, foraged and grown materials, photography, and videography. 

Selected Works

Large scale nest made from bamboo in forest
Sculpture of a brain made of found clay with human hair on a pedestal in a gallery. Four polaroid photographs line the pedestal
Torso image of a transparent vinyl sculpture with wooded ribs and sand inside. The breast and vulva are made of cheesecloth dyed
Detail image of a life size human body sculpture made from pink silk and bee's wax. The artist's hand lays on top of the sculptu
Photograph of a performance holding a barred owl that holds red thread in its bill, which is tied to the end of the performer's
Clay sculpture of an ambiguous pelvic bone and spine sitting on the ground surrounded by kombucha Scoby leather that represents
Sculpture of a uterus made from living kombucha Scoby and snakeskin. Seeds are coming out of the sculpture that sits on top of a