Hannah (Dufie) Sakyiama

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Graduate Student

Academic Areas

Research Interests

Jewelry and Metal Arts

Hannah Dufie Sakyiama, who grew up in Kokomlemle in Accra, the capital of Ghana, is working toward her master’s degree in Jewelry and Metal Art at the University of Iowa. In 2014, she graduated with honors in Metal Product Design from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, which then offered her a year-long teaching assistant position to teach undergraduate students in both studio practice and theoretical knowledge.

Dufie has worked in jewelry and metalsmithing for nine years and counting. Known for exploring the ‘flexibility’ of metals, her principal theme is channeling her life experiences, particularly focusing on life’s “beautiful fragrances.” Her optimistic and open-minded perspective allows her to discuss life’s surprises and realities, using metals as a medium.

She integrates contemporary visuals in her pieces, employing various metal techniques that complement her works. Her recent work connects the imagery of the weave of the spider web, the metamorphosis of the butterfly, and the traditional ‘kente’ cloth from Ghana (itself inspired by the spider web). She uses these concepts to tell her audience that there’s beauty in life after hard work, trials, and setbacks.

Dufie does not limit her artwork to metals. Rather, she integrates other media into her work to show the diversity of life from different angles. That includes writing—she has a blog, (https://lifemysteriesandken.wordpress.com), where she expresses her hopefulness and confidence in life.

Selected Works

Fabricated from copper, brass, wood and cast bronze. It has a pin back and the colors were produced with acrylic paints and resi
Produced from brass and copper wire. The bars are made up brass which forms a spider pattern with copper wire woven through this
The band and hinge are fabricated from copper. The butterfly is made from pierced cover paper with laminated fabric in between.
The frame of the necklace is formed with brass wires and copper wires are woven through. Spiders are bronze cast.
The ring band is formed from brass and copper whereas the head is a half globe cast bronze with an abstract pattern of the US ma
Formed with copper with web piercings and 3 sides. There is a fabric laid in the inside at front part of the sconce where the bu
Back of the spider has both chased and engraving pattern and the legs are copper square rods. Two pierced brass sheet with fabri
Produced from brass and copper wire. The bars are made up brass which forms a spider pattern and copper wire is woven through th