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Jager Palad is a Masters of Fine Arts candidate studying printmaking at the University of Iowa. He was born in Baltimore, MD and was raised in South Florida before completing his BFA in Drawing & Printmaking at the University of Central Florida. 

Using salvaged media that I have scavenged and using a collage process of waste built around my own pattern recognition in response to these source materials forms the bases for my works of art. The work is formed as a constellation of gesture and image as I search for a unified whole through serendipity. 

Things are rarely fixed, often replaced, resulting in piles of waste. These piles are an opportunity for the materials to conceptually show their aesthetic through embodying ideas of excess, function, chance, and reincarnation.



Selected Works

Small Piles #5 by Jager Palad
Tiny House #2 by Jager Palad
Small Piles #6 by Jager Palad
Tiny House #3 by Jager Palad
Tiny House #6 by Jager Palad