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Jamie Weinfurter earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with an emphasis in 3D in 2018. She has participated in numerous group shows across the Midwest; had sculptures publicly exhibited in Colorado, Illinois, and Minnesota; and has created outdoor sculpture at Josephine Sculpture Park, Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, and Franconia Sculpture Park in 2019. Jamie installed public sculptures across Minnesota in 2020, and she completed an artist fellowship at NE SCULPTURE | Gallery Factory that summer, which progressed to Program Assistant in 2021. She also installed public sculptures in Rochester, Bemidji, Delano, and Hutchinson Minnesota in 2021 and again installed sculptures in 2022 in Delano and Park Rapids. She installed permanent outdoor sculpture in Rochester, MN in 2021 and Stevens Point, WI in 2021 and 2022, as well as being featured for the first time in Norfolk, NE. Jamie has accepted an offer of admission from the University of Iowa in the MA/MFA program for Sculpture & Intermedia from 2021-2024 and is currently working on her MA degree.

Selected Works

Tipping Fee - As a commentary on American capitalism and materialistic culture, this pile of collected furniture has been salvag
Onychophagia -Onychophagia: Compulsively picking your cuticles, is a repetitive self-grooming behavior called Body-Focused Repet
Restoration - Phase II of the discarded furniture series includes a layered video of the de-installation of ‘Tipping Fee,’ mixed
Inventory -This phase of the discarded furniture series includes deconstructed furniture from Phase I: ‘Tipping Fee,’ as well as
2019 May 12 03:30:00 PM CST - May 12th, 2022 marked the 3rd year anniversary of the traumatic brain injury that almost ended my
Breaking the Mold -This sculpture comments on large-scale, abstract outdoor sculpture of the 60s and 70s, made inaccessible thro
Loom -Weaving is one of the oldest surviving practices in the world and passed down through matriarchal lines as a social art. L