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Jamie Weinfurter was born and raised in Stevens Point, WI. From a young age, Jamie developed a passion for crafting as self-expression, which developed into investigations of gender and identity in sculpture. Jamie earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with an emphasis in 3D in 2018. There, Jamie exhibited her work in various juried two-person and group shows, co-chaired a student-run juried show, became an officer for Student Art League, received multiple scholarships and the Oscar grant for her senior exhibition, and interned as the 3D and ceramics studio technician for two years. 

Since graduating, Jamie has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin; had sculptures publicly exhibited in Illinois and Minnesota; and has created outdoor sculpture at Josephine Sculpture Park, Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, and Franconia Sculpture Park in 2019. Jamie completed a continuation of her internship at Josephine Sculpture Park in fall of 2020, and installed public sculptures in Mankato, Bemidji, and Rochester, Minnesota in 2020. She completed an artist fellowship at NE SCULPTURE | Gallery Factory in the summer of 2020, which has been progressed to Program Assistant in 2021. She has installed public sculpture in Rochester, Bemidji, Delano, and Hutchinson Minnesota in 2021. Jamie has also accepted an offer of admission from the University of Iowa to begin her candidacy in the MA/MFA program for Sculpture in the Fall of 2021.

Selected Works

yellow toned lights in a dark room
green dreas, automobile on road in back ground browning grass with brink sculpture
concrete slabs with old car parts
wood frame, black coil, cushions
rocks, wood frame, clear corrugated material
stone lined whole with teared levels and red and black objects on them
green grass, green trees in background shiny metal large circular piece, log, mixed colored circular piece and small woven piece
plaster backside of nude figure with face and hand emerging out of the back
metal grid hanging from ceiling, with 24 mixed media pieces attached to the grid in 4 rows 6 columns
wood panels boxes, blue lighting