Jules Julie Bunch

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Graduate Student

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Artist Statement

         My guiding philosophy has been that art can inspire people to improve their community and their lives.  As an industrial designer who has made a career of renovating historic properties, I build immersive environments exploring nature, mental health, reclaimed materials, and the bonds that form communities.

          Art is often treated as sacrosanct and untouchable, but I strive to make my work approachable and interactive. People have an innate hunger for connection with one another, the natural world, and their inner selves. The playfulness of my work is intended to help break the ice of social anxiety and facilitate connections among people.

         I am passionate about salvaging, and most of my work is built from repurposed objects. By finding a new, dignified purpose for discarded and forgotten objects, I offer hope to people who also feel discarded or forgotten. My goal with found objects is to help them see some of their idiosyncrasies and their perspective as tools to improve the lives of others and themselves.

Selected Works

Colored windows on frames in the forest
Colored windows on frames in the forest
Close up view of a colored window on frames in the forest
Slime falling from a lamp onto an artificial arm
Artificial arm with slime
Closeup of an artificial arm with slime dripping onto it
Reclaimed tractor tires with blue cords
Reclaimed tractor tires with blue cords and people sitting on them