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Graduate Student

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Melissa Airy is a Masters of Fine Arts candidate studying intermedia art at the University of Iowa. She was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, IA and completed her BFA in performance art and BA in art education from the University of Northern Iowa. Before returning to graduate school, Melissa worked as an art educator in Waterloo, IA.

Through her artistic research and practice, Melissa strives to understand and translate religious experiences to a secular world. With an emphasis on pilgrimage, she reflects on both inward and outward spiritual journeys through mental and physical spaces. Melissa's work is a visual representation of her personal experiences as a sojourner to sacred landscapes in an attempt to understand the profound sense of purpose and awakening that was encountered along the way.


Selected Works

Concrete block with paper insert
smashed drywall and table setting
Melissa Airy standing on a ladder reaching for a lit bulb
TV screens on a pedistal, velvet benches and concrete blocks with paper inserts
Monitor on the wall behind concrete blocks with paper inserts
Overlapping images of candles, sheep and people
Overlay of several images
Two women joined by rope pulling against each other in opposite directions