Nathan Sears

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Graduate Student

Academic Areas

Research Interests

3D Design

Nathan Sears is a third-year graduate student in 3D Design from Des Moines, Iowa. He has always had an affinity for the arts. Taking many of the art courses offered at the University of Iowa throughout his undergraduate career, he stumbled upon the world of design.

Now in his last year of his MFA degree, his research is focused around learning about new techniques and materials for designing functional, sophisticated, and refined products. Much of his work is inspired by family, childhood memories, music, and his personal aspirations. In his studies, he has also discovered a passion for teaching. After gathering experience in the professional world, he hopes to return to a collegiate-level educational role in design.

Nathan believes that product design is where he can make the largest impact for both himself and others in the future.

Selected Works

Image of a rendering of a display booth
Wooden wave
Wooden Chair
Image of a rendering of a meditation space
Rendering of a three story coffee shop called Nomad
3D printed lamp