Nathan Sears

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Graduate Student

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3D Design

Nathan Sears is a recent graduate of the University of Iowa with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art. With the privilege of growing up in Des Moines, Iowa and being part of Iowa’s public school system, Nathan's primary and secondary educations were full of opportunity and allowed for lots of exploration. It was at the University of Iowa where he was able to find his calling in 3D Design. Today he is pursuing the University of Iowa’s 3D Design graduate program, confident that it will allow him to hit the ground running in a lucrative design career.

Nathan's work has manifested itself from many layers of research and critique. It is inspired by a variety of things from landscapes, experiences, childhood memories and music. Nathan believes it speaks for itself in expressing that 3D Design is where he can make the biggest impact for both himself and others in the future.

Selected Works

Image of a display booth
Image of a building inspired by Irish architecture, history and culture.
Image of a pod chair
Image of a bus stop designed by Nathan Sears
This piece is composed of twenty-five identical 5 by 5-inch foam board cubes. The goal of this project was to suggest motion whe
With this construction of wooden popsicle sticks, I pulled inspiration from a beloved childhood memory. This form was created us
For this project I aimed to create a composition solely based on the lines that are created by stringing thread through a piece
Business logo for Sugapeach Chicken and Fish Fry