Rose Schreiber-Stainthorp

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Image of Rose "Bean Jelly" Schreiber-Stainthorp
Graduate Student

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Rose, also known as bean jelly, is a ceramic artist and literary translator originally from Chicago. She received an MFA in Comparative Literature-Translation and Post Baccalaureate in Ceramics from the University of Iowa in 2019, and is currently a first year student in the ceramics MFA program.


Rose is primarily devoted to the creation of wheel thrown, functional objects that are fluid, organic, and non-rigid. She has worked across a wide range of materials and firing processes. Most recently, her work has moved away from more muted tones to embrace bright, solid colors and increasingly bulbous, exaggerated forms. 

Selected Works

Blue and red cups with silver luster bottoms. Porcelain, Cone 9 oxidation
Black planters with light colored crackled glaze. Porcelain, Cone 9 oxidation
Puffy yellow mug with light blue interior glaze. Porcelain, Cone 9 oxidation
Light blue celadon plates with undulating rims. Porcelain, Cone 10 reduction
Textured mug. Porcelain, wood fired to Cone 10 reduction
Dark purple bowl with undulating edges. Porcelain, soda fired to Cone 10 reduction
Pink teapot with white crackle glaze and bulbous, inflated handles. Porcelain, Cone 9 oxidation