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M Ryan Noble is an interdisciplinary artist and art therapist. He is part of a growing cadre of artists committed to serving people—many of whom struggle with mental health, poverty, family crises, chronic pain, and substance use. Ryan’s projects fit within a performance art rubric and he often contorts the most ordinary of media—watercolors, charcoal, plaster, found photographs, markers, copy machines, thrift store goods, and raw building materials—to expose distortions in the way people think about history, mental health, and national identity.

Ryan’s practice is fundamentally influenced by conceptualism and funk art of the Bay Area, the feminist and post-studio practices of Los Angeles, and several years of arts training, projects, and volunteerism in Chicago.

Navigating popular institutions reveals a system of fractures—disconnects between museums and hospitals, galleries and public schools, art fairs and community clinics. Ryan consistently explores the possibilities and limitations of art outside the “white walls.” This approach demands a turn from the public gaze to one of introspection, critique, and collectivism.

Selected Works

A close-cropped TV screen shows a downward view of the floor under a spotlight. The hands of a silhouetted figure reach in towar
The bald, naked figure of a male artist stands in a storefront gallery window.  The artist’s hands and midsection are concealed
A grid of digital photos reference Ana Mendieta’s self-portraits. A white male head is altered in three rows of the artist with
A 28” x 36” piece of drywall is tilted up on a black table. It is wrapped in white t-shirts, styrofoam, plaster, floss, etc.; a
A 32” x 40” frame hangs from the ceiling. The contents are removed so the white pen drawing of a boy’s face on the glass is tran
A close-up shot from a previously featured art work: the white male portraits of an artist are scrawled with “alcoholic, meth he
A bearded, white, male figure tips his hat to conceal his eyes. His red hat and 3/4-sleeve shirt are each printed with a burning
A gender-nonbinary figure is seated at a table, looking at the camera. Their hair is in buns, wearing black makeup, a black dres