Sean Tyler

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Graduate Student

Academic Areas

Research Interests

Painting and Drawing

Sean Tyler is currently enrolled as a graduate student in the University of Iowa’s Painting/Drawing program. Tyler was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma and received her BFA from Rogers State University in 2019. Since then she has worked in art education and shown art across Oklahoma as well as in Alaska and Italy.

Tyler focuses on painting and fiber crafts. Her current work combines embroidery with traditional fine arts media. Tyler works with the female figure, reinventing portrayals of women, and experimenting with botanical forms.

Selected Works

Dark haired woman sitting with her legs crossed while she sets a picture on fire.
Two women, one laying with her feet above her head, the other laying the opposite way, surrounded by large leaves
A woman standing, there is a black outline slightly out of alignment. Outline is stitched on sheer fabric.
Abstract pink and red flowers on a green and blue background
Blue and green painting of leaves with orange vines
seated woman with red curtains behind her, background is knots.
Seated woman with orange and blue background, details on blankets and pillows are stitched.
A woman with short hair seated on a chair covered with blankets. Made completely of stitches.