Stevie Delgado

Graduate Student

Stevie Haley Delgado is a sculpture artist based in Iowa City, Iowa. They received their BFA in Graphic Design and Ceramics/Sculpture from Washburn University in the Spring of 2019. She uses performative and interactive art in order to convey different narratives with her audience. Delgado has worked as the Sculpture Studio Assistant at Washburn University as well as the Printmaking Intern at the Lawrence Arts Center. They curated an exhibition for the Mulvane Art Museum in conjunction with the Irwin Blitt Fellowship, where it showed from Fall of 2019 to Fall of 2020. She is currently attending the University of Iowa as a candidate for the Masters of Fine Arts program, where she works as a TA teaching Undergraduate Sculpture.

Research Interests

  • Sculpture
Research areas
  • Sculpture and intermedia