Vakhtangi Darjania

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E315 VAB
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Academic Areas

Research Interests

3D Design

Vako Darjania was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1987 and lived there until he was ten years old. His family immigrated to the U.S. (Iowa) in 2001 where he has lived ever since. He always identifies as Georgian because his childhood had a strong impact on his personality and who he is today, even though he is very far from home.

Many of his design inspirations come from home where Socialist Architecture is dominant in major parts of Tbilisi neighborhoods. Many of the distinct characteristics of Socialist Architecture come from classic architecture with modern influence. The goal of the Soviet architects was to mass produce apartment complexes to meet the demands of the growing populations, which they did by taking one design and adjusting it to meet the requirements of the modern household size at that time. Many of the designs were calculated according to how many members would live in each apartment. This system made the construction fast and productive. With minor adjustments and customization, many of the same building blocks were utilized to save time and material.

Selected Works

"Cell" artwork by Vako Darjania
"Concrescence" artwork by Vako Darjania
"Luna" artwork by Vako Darjania
"Nodding lamp" artwork by Vako Darjania