YooJung Hong

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Yoojung Hong

Academic Areas

Research Interests

Painting & Drawing

YooJung Hong has developed a keen interest in exploring visual arts in historical and cultural contexts. In particular, Hong is fascinated by the symbolic expression found in traditional Korean folk art culture as well as the philosophical themes of Korean traditional paintings in the late Joseon dynasty (1392-1910).

Hong considers her work a mixture of cultural symbolism and imaginative world. Hong’s art practice has been inspired by traditional beliefs and the philosophies they embody, but these motifs continually are reborn and reconstructed in her own contemporary style and expression. In the margins between the past and present, realism and idealism, tradition and modernism, and eastern and western culture, Hong discovered her own symbols in her life and what she likes to convey with these symbols. After studying and selecting symbols that she likes to represent in her artwork, Hong transforms the symbols through her own style of expression. Hong thus pursued a fusion of emotion and unique atmosphere of the dreamlike space. Hong combined experimental color technique with a variety of form, symbols, and elements to express the beautiful harmony of the universe and nature in painting. Through her continual practice of art and exploration of her own creative boundaries, Hong has polished and strengthened her individual and cultural identity as a creative artist.

Selected Works