Undergraduate Program in Art History

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An Art History professor speaking to a studentArt history, a broad intellectual discipline, is central to the humanities. Diverse approaches characterize the school's art history faculty, who have interdisciplinary ties within and beyond the University. Their primary mission is to help students develop skills for exploring issues and problems central to the history of art as a whole as well as to its specialized areas. Because the major in art history stresses the development of critical visual thinking, it prepares students for graduate work in the history of art and for other professional fields as well.

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree in Art History

Because the history of art is engaged in problems of historical analysis and the interpretation of culture, it provides students with a broad background in the humanities consistent with a liberal arts and sciences education. The undergraduate degree program is designed to prepare students for competitive placement in graduate schools across the country. As students progress through the program, they become familiar with historical relationships between art objects and society, learn techniques of formal analysis, study patterns of patronage, and absorb methods for interpreting the meaning of paintings, sculptures, and buildings. In the course of their studies, art history majors develop their research abilities and writing skills. View course requirements

Double B.A. — Art History and Studio or B.A. and minor in Art History or Studio

The 50 semester hour rule does not apply art history and studio double major students or art history major and studio minor students, since all the required coursework is offered by one administrative unit. The student may take more than 56 s.h. from the SAAH, but must earn a minimum of 56 s.h. from coursework taken outside of the SAAH. Consult with the academic advisor for more information.

Undergraduate Art History Society


Faculty by Areas of Specialty

African: Christopher Roy
Ancient: Björn Anderson, Brenda Longfellow
American: Joni Kinsey
Architecture: Barbara Mooney
Asian: Amy Huang
Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century European: Dorothy Johnson
Renaissance: Daniel Maze
Medieval: Robert Bork
Modern/Contemporary: Craig Adcock