• Students discussing Art History work
  • Sketch of the birthplace of Herbert Hoover, by Grant Wood
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  • Relief art slabs
  • New Visual Art Building


  • Visual Arts Building

    College Magazine has ranked The University of Iowa Art History program # 1 in the midwest

    Beyond cornfield stalks, opportunities for aspiring art historians spring up at the University of Iowa. UI curated 12 permanent collections in the Stanley Museum. With plans for a new place to put those 12 collections, visiting art pieces also decorate its walls. Jackson Pollock’s piece “Mural” will call Iowa City home until October 28, 2018. Within the classroom UI students can pursue a major or minor in the art history track. They study different time eras and locations from ancient Egypt to modern Japanese art. The Undergraduate Art History Society hosts an Undergraduate Symposium, giving students an opportunity to speak about their research. That way students can check “add author byline” off your resume goals. UI also clues students in on local art internships on the school website.


  • James and Marilyn Wilson

    Alumni Profile: James and Marilyn Wilson

    As a young man growing up in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines, Iowa, James “Jim” Wilson (51BSPE) was heavily influenced by what he saw through his camera lens. “Photography was his life,” says Marilyn Wilson about her late husband, who died in 2017. “Jim had a dark room in sixth grade, and his parents gave him a camera for a high school graduation present. He loved to take photographs.”

    His passion for photography only grew as he got older. While at the University of Iowa, Jim had the opportunity to work under the tutelage of F.W. Kent, who, for 47 years, was the official UI event photographer.

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566 undergraduates are pursuing a BA degree. 96 were selected to pursue a BFA degree.
171 are enrolled in the University Honors Program. 291 of our students are pursuing a double major.
50% or more of last year's graduating classes were comprised of BFAs (Spring '14 and Fall '14).

*Among similar programs at public institutions of higher learning. U.S. News & World Report's America’s Best Graduate Schools 2015 guidebook.