Thanks largely to the 40-year teaching career at Iowa of Bunny McBride (1938-2021), our ceramics program has long been recognized as among the finest in the nation.

McBride displayed work and gave talks around the world. Equally important, he passed on his skills and knowledge to generations of artist, creating a network of artists and teachers in the discipline that the National Council on the Education of Ceramic Arts nicknamed the "Iowa Connection."

Iowa's reputation as a center of innovation for ceramics continues today. Our faculty and students work in state-of-the-art studios equipped with essential tools for creating work that both respects tradition and pushes the boundaries of the form. They regularly display work throughout Iowa, across the nation, and around the world—including in biennial faculty art exhibitions on the UI campus—and give presentations and lectures.

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Ceramics studio features

  • Seven microprocessor/computer controlled Geil reduction kilns:
    • Two large car kilns (82 and 54 cubic feet)
    • Three 30 cubic feet
    • One 20 cubic feet
    • One 12 cubic feet
    • All gas kilns can be remote operated from smart phones or computers with VPN connection.
  • Nine computerized electric kilns ranging in size from large oval to test kiln size of various brands (Skutt, L&L, ConeArt).
  • Two Bailey de-airing pugmills
  • Two Soldner mixers
  • Complete ventilated glaze mixing and application area, including:
    • Three high quality digital scales
    • Several triple beam balances
  • Spray booth
  • Bailey pneumatic extruder
  • Manual extruders
  • Hammer mill
  • Ball mall
  • Three 3D delta-based ceramic paste extrusion printers
  • Makerbot Replicator 3D Printer
  • 3D scanner
  • Carbide 3D 4x4' CNC Router
  • 24" vinyl plotter
  • DCT digital ceramic decal printer
  • Slab rollers
  • Potter's wheels
  • Mold making and plaster equipment in large dedicated space
  • Slip blungers
  • State-of-the-art OSHA compliant ventilation systems

Ceramics showcases and exhibitions

Ceramics students showcase in Colorado

Students and faculty from six major research universities gathered at the annual CIRCA Ceramics symposium to foster connections and share their work. Three faculty members and 12 students represented the University of Iowa.

Students featured in national ceramics exhibition

Out of 243 applicants, four students showed their work during the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts’ Juried Student Exhibition at the Reed Gallery in Cincinatti, Ohio.

Visiting speakers in ceramics

  • 2024

    Deshun Peoples

  • 2023

    Amanda Salov
    Lin Chun
    Antonio & Paula Pinto
    Lindsay Pichaske
    Jess Riva Cooper
    Christina West

  • 2022

    Paul S. Briggs
    Paul Maloney
    Lilly Powell
    Adam Puryear
    Iren Tete (virtual)
    Eleanna Anagnos (virtual)
    Jessica Shae (virtual)
    Shannon Goff
    Amy Santoferraro
    Jesse Ring
    Iren Tete
    Margaret Bohls
    Qwist Joseph
    Kim Dickey
    Andrew Quintero-Castaneda

  • 2021

    Wesley Brown (virtual)
    Brittany Mojo (virtual)
    Jenni Sorkin (virtual)
    Zach Tate (virtual)

  • 2020

    Dirk Staschke
    Guy Marshall-Brown (virtual)
    Alanna Derocchi (virtual)
    Lindsay Pichaske (virtual)
    Ling Chun (virtual)
    Naomi Dalglish (virtual)
    Matthew Mitros (virtual)
    Salvador Jimenez-Flores (virtual)
    Robert Lugo (virtual)
    Julia Haft Candell (virtual)

  • 2019

    Brett Binford
    Glenn Barkley
    King Houndekpinkou
    David Hicks
    Mindy Solomon
    Jeremy Chen
    Del Harrow

  • 2018

    Linda Lopez
    Kahlil Irving
    Peter Aguero
    Brian Rochefort
    Hiromi Iyoda

  • 2017

    Steven Young Lee
    Dawn Dishaw
    Ryan Schnerel 
    Fran Rudolph
    Jillian Moore
    Matt Ziemke

  • 2016

    Joanna Powell

  • 2015

    Pattie Chalmers
    Mathew McConnell
    Steven Hill

  • 2014

    Rick Hintze

  • 2012

    Don Bendel

  • 2011

    Richard Notkin
    Richard Notkin
    Heidi Preuss Grew
    Brian Boldon

  • 2010

    Israel Davis
    Christa Assad
    Josh DeWeese
    Lorna Meaden

  • 2009

    Jason Briggs
    Tara Wilson
    Ted Adler
    Don Reitz

  • 2008

    Al Tennant
    Chuck Hindes

Ceramics faculty

Andrew Casto is the Associate Professor Area Head, Ceramics Dean's Scholar Studio Art, and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the School of Art and Art History.

Andrew Casto

Associate Professor
Area Head, Ceramics
Dean's Scholar
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Studio Art