Iowa's photography program pushes disciplinary boundaries in every form of photography, from digital to print black-and-white.

Our faculty exhibit work nationally and internationally—including in biennial faculty art exhibitions on the University of Iowa campus—and are in demand as visiting teachers and speakers.

Visiting artists in photography

  • 2024

    Pao Houa Her
    Tommy Kha

  • 2023

    Carmen Winant, Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
    Catherine Zuromskis, Associate Professor, RIT

  • 2022

    Rodrigo Valenzuela, Assistant Professor of Art, UCLA
    Ariel Pate, Curator of Photography, Milwaukee Museum of Art
    Frances Jakubek and Meg Griffiths, A Yellow Rose Project
    Nelson Chan

  • 2021

    Kelli Connell
    Mary Virginia Swanson
    Laura Burkhalter, Curator, Des Moines Arts Center

  • 2020

    Kevin Miyazaki
    Mark McKnight

  • 2019

    Laura Letinsky
    April Watson, Curator of Photography, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

  • 2018

    Dana Fritz

  • 2015

    Ken Josephson
    John Reuter

  • 2014

    Brian Ulrich

  • Public lectures by candidates for Assistant Professor in Digital Photography:


    Peter Nelson
    Jeff Rich
    Christine Shank

  • "Geolocation: Tributes to the Data Stream"


    Lecture by Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman

  • "Interior Identities and Exterior Worlds"


    Lecture by Christine Shank

  • 2010

    John F. Simon Jr.
    Alexis Pike,
     "Claimed Landscapes" lecture
    Kelli Connell, lecture on award-winning "Double Life"

  • 2009

    Terri Warpinski

Photography faculty

Rachel Cox is a Assistant Professor and Area Head of Photography in the School of Art and Art History.

Rachel Cox

Associate Professor
Area Head, Photography
This is a picture of Thalassa Raasch

Thalassa Raasch

Assistant Professor
riel Sturchio

riel Sturchio

Visiting Assistant Professor