Art Building West (ABW)

141 North Riverside Drive
Iowa City, IA 52242

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About the facility

"The prominent placement of the gallery and the fact that it was the main space that welcomed you as you entered, for me it definitely set the stage for feeling like I was walking into a space that not only respected but celebrated the production of art." —Sonya Naumann (MFA 2009), conceptual artist/photographer/instructor, Los Angeles

When the School of Art and Art History outgrew the original University of Iowa Art Building—which at the time of its construction was hailed as breakthrough in art education facilities—the UI sought a world-class architect to create a facility that embodied the artistic and educational innovation of the university. Steven Holl, based in New York City, was selected, and he did not disappoint.

When Art Building West opened in 2006 (it closed due to flooding in 2008, and reopened in 2012), it attracted the attention of the international architecture and art education worlds, winning these prestigious national and international awards:

Art Building West video