3D Design

The UI 3D design program has a very distinct curriculum that prepares students to work with a variety of design problems and project scales. Classes in product, furniture and interior design provide exposure to different technologies and crafts that lead to successful portfolios and job market preparedness.  

Objects and furniture are always perceived and used in context with their environment. Understanding this relationship is crucial to effectively navigate the challenges imposed by the constant changes in technologies and society.

Participation in national and international exhibitions strengthen students’ ability to present their work and grant exposure to major design companies. Since 2013, 3D design has exhibited at: International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), New York; Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design (SOFA) CONNECT, Chicago; Salone del Mobile SaloneSatellite and Ventura Future, Milan, Italy.

3D design faculty encourage students to experiment, using a wide range of materials and approaches, integrating theory and conceptual thinking with hands-on making. The program values conceptual dexterity, sophisticated design, craftsmanship, the aesthetic quality of studio work and the meaning of social value. Intermediate and advanced courses involve intensive inquiry in furniture, bicycles, objects, fabrication, modeling and materials.

The problems-based curriculum enables students to both investigate the critical questions facing designers and makers today, and develop the sophisticated skills required by changing technologies and new materials. Our studio labs, some of the finest in North America, include Computer Modeling, Virtual Reality (VR) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment including router, plasma-cutter, water jet, laser-cutter, thermoforming and Rapid Prototyping (RP).

The "Iowa Idea" permeates the study of 3D design, wherein studio art, art history, and more broadly science and the humanities, are woven.

3D Design BFA Track

  • ARTS:1510, Basic Drawing
  • ARTS:1520, Design Fundamentals

  • TDSN:2210, Introduction to 3D Design: Objects + Furniture + Spaces
  • TDSN:2240, Digital Drafting with AutoCAD
  • TDSN:2250, Digital Prototyping

  • TDSN:3200, Product Design
  • TDSN:3220, Interior Design
  • TDSN:3230, Color for Interior Design
  • TDSN:3260, Design for Production
  • TDSN:3280, Forms & Textiles
  • TDSN:3285, Fabrication & Design: Hand Built Bicycle

BFA clearance

  • TDSN:4010, Furniture Design I
  • TDSN:4020, Furniture Design II
  • TDSN:4190, Honors in Studio Art (this course has specific requirements)

Peer mentoring

  • TDSN:4050, Site Specific Design (special permission required)

3D design student work

​​​​​​​Form + Function + Furniture

Inside the UI's 3D Design Program, IOWA Magazine

3D design faculty

Suzanne Bradley is a Lecturer in the School of Art and Art History.

Suzanne Bradley

Assistant Professor of Instruction
Monica Correia is the Collegiate Scholar, Professor of 3D Design, Area Head in 3D Design in the School of Art and Art History.

Monica Correia

Collegiate Scholar
Professor of 3D Design
Area Head, 3D Design
Vakhtangi "Vako" Darjania is a Lecturer for 3D Design in the School of Art and Art History.

Vakhtangi "Vako" Darjania

Associate Professor of Instruction
Portrait of Steve McGuire

Steve McGuire

Area Head, Jewelry and Metal Arts

3D design studio specialists

Kate Allen

Kate Allen

Instructional Services Specialist
Man Ho "Billy" Cho

Man Ho "Billy" Cho

Instructional Services Specialist