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School of Art & Art History - Division of Art History

This bulletin contains information about the graduate policies and programs of the Division of Art History of the School of Art & Art History.  It should be read in conjunction with the Manual of Rules and Regulations of the Graduate College and the Thesis Manual and The University of Iowa General Catalog. The Graduate Bulletin takes precedence over all other documents, including the General Catalog. Graduate students are obliged to follow the rules stated in the Graduate Bulletin that is in effect when they enter the program. The Bulletin is, however, revised annually, and students have the option of following the guidelines set forth in later revisions.

School of Art & Art History
Phone: 319-335-1758

Revised by the Art History Faculty
September 2021

Academic Probation
Notification of Announcements and Deadlines
Degree Requirements: M.A. Degree
Degree Requirements: Ph.D. Degree
Preparing for Graduation
Scholarships and Fellowships
Graduate Assistantships
Additional Teaching Opportunities
Student Participation in Professional Conferences and Symposia
Procedures for Appealing Faculty Decisions
Student Evaluation of Faculty
Grievance Procedures
Job Placement
Division of Art History Administration
Additional Information