Grievance Procedures

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Grievance procedures for undergraduate and graduate students:

The following procedure is adopted when after (1) a preliminary discussion with the Director of the School of Art & Art History and (2) a joint meeting of the concerned and the Director, a student or students continue to wish to declare a grievance against a faculty member, or members, or the School's policy, or the Director's decision.

The student or students write a letter stating the nature of the grievance and the names of three individuals (faculty or students) to accompany them at any scheduled conference and send a copy to the concerned party or parties. Upon receipt of this letter, the Director assembles the School's Council as a Grievance Committee within two weeks of the date on which the letter of grievance was received. To this Grievance Committee meeting the Director invites the student and the three individuals suggested by the student, as well as those who have been accused, and no more than three individuals whom they may wish to have in attendance.

In addition to the Schools' procedures there are other avenues through which students may proceed. If the problem is associated with student academic conduct, the student may consult with the Academic Associate Dean of the Graduate College. If the problem is associated with a faculty member, the student may consult with the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Students may consult the manual "Policies and Regulations Affecting Students" or get a printed copy in the Division of Student Services Office; the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity; the Office of the Ombudsperson, University Counseling Service; or COGS.