Job Placement

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The School helps its students in every possible way to find teaching and/or professional positions upon completion of the degree programs. Each qualified student will be encouraged to maintain a file in the Educational Placement Office (N302 Lindquist Center). Recommendations are written by faculty when requested by students. Incoming letters announcing job openings are posted on the second floor of the Art Building West opposite the faculty offices. College Art Association Job Listings are on file in the Main Office (150 Art Building West). These announcements are supplemented through meetings, emails to all art history graduate students, and individual counseling.

As far as possible, the School circulates the names of qualified students, particularly terminal M.A. and Ph.D. candidates, to inquiring and appropriate art history departments throughout the country. The Director, the Head of Art History, and the Art History Faculty also assist students in finding employment through personal letters to executives or faculty of other departments and through informal conversations with departmental representatives at professional meetings.

Graduate Awards/Grants and job information is available through the Division of Sponsored Programs, available online at: