Preparing for Graduation

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All graduate degree candidates must file (through MyUI) an Application for Graduate College Degree with the Registrar's Office (1 Jessup Hall) by the deadline issued by the Graduate College each semester. Deadlines are posted in the art history teaching assistant's office (room 118 Art Building West), on the bulletin board outside art history faculty offices (2nd floor of ABW) and on the bulletin board located outside of the Graduate Program Coordinator’s office, room E302 Visual Arts Building.

Application to Graduate:
An Application for Graduate College Degree is available on MyUI (see Graduate Program Coordinator, E302 Visual Arts Building, for procedures and deadlines) and is submitted to the Registrar at or near the beginning of the session in which the degree is to be granted.

Request for Final Examination:
The Graduate Program Coordinator completes this form. It lists the names of the faculty comprising the Degree Committee. The Graduate Dean must approve each Degree Committee.

The Final Examination:
Final examinations are required for all graduate degrees. Art history M.A. candidates defend a qualifying paper, and Ph.D. candidates defend a dissertation. Final examinations are evaluated by the student's Degree Committee as satisfactory or unsatisfactory, with two unsatisfactory votes making the committee report unsatisfactory. Final examinations may be repeated only once.