Art History Dissertations

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Gundlach, Cory, Ph.D., 2019 Spirited Objects: Lobi Art in West Africa and Beyond

Adams, Alissa, Ph.D., 2018 French Depictions of Napoleon I's Resurrection 1821 - 1848

Holaday, Jill, Ph.D., 2018 Gruppe Zero: Working Through War Trauma

Smith, Rebecca Avery, Ph.D., 2018 Measuring the Past: The Geometry of Reims Cathedral

Thorpe, Heather D, Ph.D., 2018 Modernity's Caravaggio: Reinventing a Seicento Artist for the Twentieth Century

Freese, Lauren, Ph.D., 2017 Taste in the City: Depictions of Food Consumption in Urban America, 1880-1920

Ridlen, Michael Traver, Ph.D., 2017  Prud’hon’s Evolving Classicism           

Springer, Mary R., Ph.D., 2017 American Collegiate Gothic Architecture: The Birth of a Style and its Architects, Patrons, and Educational Associations, 1806-1906

Hainy, Joshua D., Ph.D., 2016  John Flaxman: Beyond the Line

Lentz (Reed), Alycia F., Ph.D., 2016  Ready to Blow Your Mind: Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable

Strasik, Amanda K., Ph.D., 2016  Reconceiving Childhood: Women and Children in French Art, 1750-1814

Popp, Nathan, Ph.D., 2015  Expressions of Power: Queen Christina of Sweden and Patronage in Baroque Europe

Peterson, Nathan J., Ph.D. 2015  Re-Imaging China: Ai Weiwei and Contemporary Chinese Art

Lueth, Ranelle M., Ph.D., 2015 Conflicting Lines:  The Ambush on America’s World War I Combat Art

Peters, Erin A., Ph.D., 2015  Egypt in Empire:  Augustan Temple Art and Architecture at Karnak, Philae, Kalabsha, Dendur, and Alexandria

Larsen, Lynne A. E., Ph.D., 2014  The Royal Palace of Dahomey:  Symbol of a Transforming Nation

Ostergaard, Tyler E., Ph.D., 2014  The Beast Within: The Contested Image of the Railroad in French Visual Culture, 1837-1877

Trentin, Summer, Ph.D., 2014  Pompeian Peristyles:  Form, Function, and Meaning

Glenn, Kimberly, Ph.D., 2013  Chicago and the Visual Art of the “New Negro Movement,” 1925-1940

Yoder, Abigail, Ph.D., 2013  Decoration and Symbolism in the Late Works of Odilon Redon      

Bushman, Karissa, Ph.D., 2013   Anticlericalism in Goya's Works

Kerrigan, Steven J., Ph.D., 2013  Normandy's Role in the Development of the Flamboyant Style:  Decoration, Meaning, and Exchange in Late Gothic Architecture

Shannon, Lindsay, Ph.D., 2013  Monuments to the "New Woman":  Public Art and Female Image-building in America, 1876-1940

Phillips, Allison M., Ph.D., 2012  The Invisible Labor: Nineteenth-Century Art, the Unconscious, and the Origins of Surrealism

Dilbeck, Gwynne, Ph.D., 2011  Opening the Gates of Paradise: Function and the Iconographical Program of Ghiberti’s Bronze Door

Riep, David, Ph.D., 2011  House of the Crocodile: South Sotho Art and History in Southern Africa

Buhler, Doyle, Ph.D., 2011  Capturing the Game: The Artist-Sportsman and Early Animal Conservation in American Hunting Imagery, 1830s-1890s

Stephens, Rachel E., Ph.D., 2010  America’s Portraitist: Ralph E. W. Earl and the Imaging of the Jacksonian Era

Kraus, Heidi, Ph.D., 2010  David, Architecture and the Dichotomy of Art

Kovacs, Claire, Ph.D., 2010  Edgar Degas and the Ottocento

Heineman, Anna, Ph.D., 2010  Nurturing Neighborhoods: Buster Simpson's Eco-Art

Crites, Danya A., Ph.D., 2010  From Mosque to Cathedral: The Social and Political Significations of Mudejar Architecture in Late Medieval Seville

Fisher, Joshua F., Ph.D., 2009  The Spiral Jetty in the Landscape of Time and Space

Liakos, Barbaranne E., Ph.D., 2009  The Civil War and Collective Memory: Reconstructing the National Conflict in Paintings and Prints, 1869-1894

Elliott, Katherine, Ph.D., 2009  Contact, Conquest and Commemoration: First Contact Imagery in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-century American Art

Sutton, Elizabeth, Ph.D., 2009  Economics, Ethnography, and Empire: The Illustrated Travel Series of Cornelis Claesz, 1598-1603

Van Hoesen, Brett M., Ph.D., 2009  Weimar Re-visions of Germany's Colonial Past: Max Pechstein, Hannah Höch, László Moholy-Nagy

Ola, Abayomi, Ph.D., 2009  Critical Lines: The Parodies of Power in Yoruba Art

Rahmlow, Kurt, Ph.D., 2008  Anterior Decoratiors: Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Avante-Garde Enviroments at Arles and Le Pouldu

Sandhoff, Bridget K., Ph.D., 2007  Androgyny in Etruscan Art and Culture

Sailor, Rachel M., Ph.D., 2007  Meaningful Places: Nineteenth-century Photography and the Local Landscapes of the American West

Cleveland, Kimberly L., Ph.D., 2007  New Center, Old Periphery: Identity, and Regional Thematic Influences in Afro-Brazilian Art

Clunis, Sarah Anita, Ph.D., 2006  A ready-made diaspora.

Floyd, Kathryn M., Ph.D., 2006  Between Change and Continuity: Documenta 1955-2005

VanArragon, Elizabeth Jane, Ph.D., 2006  The photo league: views of urban experience in the 1930s and 1940s.

Salami, Gitti, Ph.D., 2005  Ordinarily extraordinary: Yakurr priest-chiefs' ritual performances and the Leboku festival.

Gilbert, Kristin King, Ph.D., 2005  Pedagogical innovation and reform at the Academie de France a Rome during the directorate of Charles-Joseph Natoire (1752-1775).

Cushwa, Anne Jennifer, Ph.D., 2005  Untitled: (a dissertation for Felix Gonzalez-Torres).

Allen, Melissa Susan Gaido, Ph.D., 2005  Donald Judd and the Marfa objective.

Vigil, Jennifer Claire, Ph.D., 2004  Drawing past, present and future: the legacy of the Plains Indian graphic tradition in the works of Arthur Amiotte.

Niedzialkowska, Beata, Ph.D., 2004  Ars Nova in Poland: artistic and cultural relations between Poland and Belgium in the late middle ages.

Bishop, Nancy, Ph.D., 2004  The Barberini gospels.

Cooksey, Susan Elizabeth, Ph.D., 2004  Iron staffs in the crossroads: art and divination in Toussiana, a southwestern Burkina Faso community.

Milbourne, Karen, Ph.D., 2003  Diplomacy in motion: art, pageantry and the politics of creativity in Barotseland.

Perkins, Stephen, Ph.D., 2003  Artists' periodicals and alternative artists' networks, 1963-1977 / by Stephen Edward Perkins.

Kim, Hee-Young, Ph.D., 2003  Harold Rosenberg's critique of the modernist aesthetic.

Bland, Cynthia Kay, Ph.D., 2002  Inspiration, innovation, and emotion: the early religious paintings of Eugene Delacroix.

Kann, Andrea Grace Justus, Ph.D., 2002  Picturing the world: the illustrated manuscripts of The Book of John Mandeville.

Hopson, Robert Randolph, Ph.D., 2002  The symbolist portraiture of Berthe Morisot.

Paulk, Ann Bronwyn, Ph.D., 2002  Thomas Eakins and antiheroic modernism.

Audeh, Aida, Ph.D., 2002  Rodin's Gates of hell and Dante's Divine comedy: an iconographic study.

Germundson, Curt, Ph.D., 2001  Kurt Schwitters in Hanover: investigation of a cultural environment.

Golczewski, Artur Zbigniew, Ph.D., 2001  The project of evaluation of values: from Foucault to Dada.

Locheed, Jessica Ann, Ph.D., 2000  Degas, Mallarme and symbolist aesthetics.

Kidrick, Valerie Anne, Ph.D., 2000  'Many goodly and pleasant bookes': the library of Henry VII.

Robertson, Wendy Lee, Ph.D., 2000  The discovery of a new measure: creative institutions and visionary arts from Black Mountain College to MOMA.

Thompson, Barbara, 1960-, Ph.D., 1999  Kiuza mpheho (return of the winds): the arts of healing among the Shambaa peoples of Tanzania.

Strom, Kirsten, Ph.D., 1999  Making history: Surrealism and the invention of a political culture .

Lermack, Annette Ingebretson, Ph.D., 1999  Fit for a queen: the psalter of Bonne of Luxembourg at the Cloisters .

Diamitani, Boureima Tiekoroni, Ph.D., 1999  Identities, Komo societies, and art among the Tagwa-Senufo of Burkina Faso.

Caccioli, David Anthony, Ph.D., 1999  Elements of romanization in Hellenistic Etruscan banquet scenes.

Molife, Brenda Joanne, Ph.D., 1998  Becoming Ndebele: the decorated homes of Matabeleland.

Finlayson, Cynthia Sue, Ph.D., 1998  Veil, turban and headpiece: funerary portraits and female status at Palmyra .

Zlatnik, Gail Parson, Ph.D., 1998  Myth, vision, and the harem in French painting, from Fontainebleau through the nineteenth century.

Tseng, Shao-Chien, Ph.D., 1998  Honore Daumier and the institution of art.

Stahr, Celia S., Ph.D., 1997  The social relations of "Abstract Expressionism": an alternative history.

McOmber, Christina Morris, Ph.D., 1997  Recovering female agency: Roman patronage and the Dominican convent of SS. Domenico e Sisto.

Rush, Dana Lynn, Ph.D., 1997  Vodun vortex: accumulative arts, histories, and religious consciousnesses along coastal Benin.

Hsu, Ching-yeh, Ph.D., 1996  Toward a revised reception theory: Marcel Duchamp and the American spectator, 1937-1968.

Frank, Susan Behrends, Ph.D., 1996  Un chien andalou and L'age d'or: the collaborations of Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel.

Marchicelli, Graziella, Ph.D., 1996  Futurism and fascism: the politicization of art and the aestheticization of politics, 1909-1944.

Hanna-Vergara, Emily G., Ph.D., 1996  Masks of leaves and wood among the Bwa of Burkina Faso.

Risser, Julia Allison, Ph.D., 1996  Change and continuity in the architecture of the Kibidoue neighborhood.

Jordan, Manuel Alfonso, Ph.D., 1996  Tossing life in a basket: art and divination among Chokwe, Lunda, Luvale and related peoples of northwestern Zambia.

Ciofalo, John J., Ph.D., 1995  Goya's self-portraits: a transposition toward "truth" and romantic paganism.

Siedell, Daniel Andrew, Ph.D., 1995  An excavation of Tenth Street: the failure of modernism and the politics of postwar historiography.

Carpino, Alexandra Ann, Ph.D., 1993  Etruscan relief mirrors: origins, functions and cultural significance.

Banerji, Naseem Ahmed, Ph.D., 1993  The architecture and architectural decoration of the Adina Mosque, Pandua, West Bengal, India: the problem of the conjoined Buddhist, Hindu and Islamic motifs in the Mihrab niches.

Al-Tawil, Hashim, Ph.D., 1993  Early Arab icons: literary and archaeological evidence for the cult of religious images in pre-Islamic Arabia.

Paoletta, Donald, Ph.D., 1991  Thematic patronage in fifteenth century Mantua: Ludovico Gonzaga, Alberti and Mantegna.

Eckhardt, Patricia, Ph.D., 1990  Proudfoot and Bird, campus architects: building facilities for professional education at the University of Iowa, 1898-1910 .

Sizemore, Jean, Ph.D., 1989  Ozark vernacular: a study of rural houses in the Arkansas Ozarks, 1830-1930 .

Smithers, Stephen George, Ph.D., 1988  The typology and iconography of Etruscan terracotta curotrophic votives: the heads and bambini.

Hughes, Jeffrey A., Ph.D., 1988  Shah Jahan's Lal-Mahal at Bari and the tradition of Mughal hunting palaces.

Hegarty, Melinda Clancy, Ph.D., 1988  The decorative ensemble of the Sala dei Gigli in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

Steele, Brian David, Ph.D., 1988  The reclining female nude in Venetian painting ca. 1500: ideal beauty, designed for interpretation .

Chuang, Su-o, Ph.D., 1987  The art of Li Fang-ying--a painter of himself: one of the eight eccentrics of Yang-chou .

Kelly, Claire C., Ph.D., 1986  The representation of the Trinity according to the filioque doctrine .

Benson, Timothy O., 1950-, Ph.D.,  1985 Raoul Hausmann--the Dada years.

Chanzit, Gwen Finkel, Ph.D., 1985  Herbert Bayer: early purveyor of modernist design in America.

Smith, Walter Thomas, Ph.D., 1984  The Muktesvara Temple at Bhubaneswar: a contextual study of its architecture and sculptural program.

Wormhoudt, Kristi Ann, Ph.D., 1984  Manuscript illuminations by Giovanni di Paolo.

Pontynen, Arthur, Ph.D., 1983  The early development of Taoist art.

James, Jean M., Ph.D., 1983  An iconographic study of two late Han funerary monuments: the offering shrines of the Wu family and the multichamber tomb at Holingor .

Hoar, William John, Ph.D., 1983  Wang Mien and the Confucian factor in Chinese plum painting. Published

Brcak, Nancy J., Ph.D., 1983  The evolution of the Greek revival style in the domestic architecture of Ohio's Western Reserve, 1820-1860 .

Goddard, Stephen H., Ph.D., 1983  The Master of Frankfurt and his shop.

Komala, Wilma, Ph.D., 1982  The Windsor Castle Badshah Nama and its place in the development of historical painting during the reign of Shah Jahan, 1628-1658.

O'Brien, Elvy Setterqvist, Ph.D., 1982  Johan Tobias Sergell (1740-1814) and Neoclassicism: sculpture of Sergell's years abroad, 1767-1779.

Worthen, Thomas Fletcher, Ph.D., 1981  The harrowing of hell in the art of the Italian Renaissance.

Brooklyn, Jerrie Pike, Ph.D., 1981  Attic black-figure funerary plaques.

Collins, Charles Dillard, Ph.D., 1980  Iconographic sources for the sculptural program at Elephanta.

Strickland, Dianne Claire, Ph.D., 1980  Maximilian as patron: the Prayerbook .

Rosenthal, Mark (Mark Lawrence), Ph.D., 1979  Paul Klee and the arrow.

Oszuscik, Philippe, 1941-, Ph.D., 1979  A history of the architecture and urbanization of nineteenth century Davenport, Iowa.

Hamburgh, Harvey E., Ph.D., 1978  Aspects of the descent from the cross from Lippi to Cigoli.

Quick, David M., Ph.D., 1978  Meaning in the art of Barnett Newman and three of his contemporaries: a study of content in abstract expressionism.

Mustari, Louis Frank, Ph.D., 1975  The sculptor in the fourteenth century Florentine Opera del Duomo.

Wilson, John Montgomery, Ph.D., 1975  The painting of the passions in theory, practice and criticism in later eighteenth century France.

Gorder, Judith Elaine Appel, Ph.D., 1973  James McNeill Whistler: a study of the oil paintings, 1855-1869.

Morgan, Ann Lee, Ph.D., 1973  Toward the definition of early modernism in America: a study of Arthur Dove.

Dunbar, Burton L., Ph.D., 1972  The landscape art of Cornelis Massys.

Schlotterback, Thomas, Ph.D., 1972  The basis for Chinese influence in American art, 1784-1850.

Van Wagner, Judy Kay Collischan, Ph.D., 1972  Walter Murch.

Sterling, William Hilton, Ph.D., 1971  The wedding at Cana in western art of the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth centuries.

Alexander, John M., Ph.D., 1971  Analogies among the arts in eighteenth-century British criticism.

Buckley, Harry E., Ph.D., 1969  Guillaume Apollinaire as an art critic.

Benge, Glenn Franklin, Ph.D., 1969  The sculpture of Antoine-Louis Barye in American collections, with a catalogue raisonne.

Flak, John Henry Edmond, Ph.D., 1966  The iconographical and stylistic sources of the prints of Martin Schongauer.

Reich, Sheldon, Ph.D., 1966  John Marin.

Kimbrell, Leonard Buell, Ph.D., 1965  The illustrations of Paradise lost in England -1688-1802.

Mills, Lawrence Ferguson, 1923-, Ph.D., 1963  Pre-Columbian sculpture of Southeastern United States.

Dochterman, Lillian Natalie, 1928-, Ph.D., 1963  The stylistic development of the work of Charles Sheeler.

Eglinski, Edmund R., 1931-, Ph.D., 1963  Sienese Dugento painting; a catalogue of painting before Duccio.

Eckert, William Dean, 1927-, Ph.D., 1961  The Renaissance stage in Italy: a study of the evolution of the perspective scene.

Haworth, Dale Keith, 1924-, Ph.D., 1960  Early Christian wall and ceiling mosaics from Italy - a stylistic analysis.

Gannon, William Louis, 1920-, Ph.D., 1960  Carriage, coach, and wagon; the design and decoration of American horse-drawn vehicles.

Humphrey, Donald Gray, 1920-, Ph.D., 1958  The sculpture of the Cathedral of Amiens; a descriptive, iconographic, and stylistic study based on three-dimensional slides in the collection of the State University of Iowa.

Gross, Calvin David, 1927-, Ph.D., 1958  A historical catalogue of Gothic secular architecture of Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and Holland in the three dimensional slide collection of the State University of Iowa.

Day, Robert Edgar, 1919-, Ph.D., 1958  A historical catalogue of Italian sculpture, 1200-1500, in the three dimensional slide collection, the State University of Iowa.

Blizzard, Allan Gerald, 1929-, Ph.D., 1958  A historical catalogue of modern Italian art in the State University of Iowa three dimensional slide collection.

Mueller, Earl George, 1914-, Ph.D., 1958  Jean Le Tavernier of Audenarde.

McCloy, William Ashby, 1913-, Ph.D., 1958  The Ofhuys chronicle and Hugo van der Goes.

Kortlander, William Clark, 1925-, Ph.D., 1958  An historical catalogue of the religious architecture of Great Britain from the Anglo-Saxon period to 1600 in the State University of Iowa three dimensional slide collection.

McMillan, Robert Wardrop, 1915-, Ph.D., 1958  The sculpture of Chartres Cathedral, a study based on the three dimensional color slides in the collection of the State University of Iowa.

Blackwell, John Victor, 1919-, Ph.D., 1957  An historical catalogue of Italian, French, and German Romanesque architecture and sculpture in the State University of Iowa three dimensional slide collection.

Harrison, Robert Rice, 1908-, Ph.D., 1957  An historical catalogue of Greek sculpture in the three dimensional slide collection of the State University of Iowa.

Sieber, Roy, 1923-, Ph.D., 1957  African tribal sculpture.

Hodge, Gordon Stuart, 1915-, Ph.D., 1957  A historical catalogue of French Gothic churches in the State University of Iowa three dimensional slide collection.

Tucker, Norval, 1925-, Ph.D., 1957  A catalogue of Etruscan and Roman art and architecture in the three dimensional slide collection of the State University of Iowa.

Huper, Marie Sophie, 1922-, Ph.D., 1956  The architectural monuments of the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili.

Li, Chu-tsing, 1920-, Ph.D., 1955  The five senses in art: an analysis of its development in Northern Europe.

Leach, Frederick Darwin, 1924-, Ph.D., 1955  William Hogarth's subscription-tickets: a vehicle for eighteenth century satire on contemporary taste.

Gralapp, Leland Wilson, 1921-, Ph.D., 1953  Images of the child cult in Mid-Victorian book illustration.

Fowler, Clayton Vought, 1912-, Ph.D., 1951  Shakespeare's sonnet 24 in the light of sixteenth century art theory.

Newton, Francis John, 1912-, Ph.D., 1951  Representations from Psalm 84.11,12: an iconographic study.

Running, Paul David, 1923-, Ph.D., 1951  The flagellation of Christ: a study in iconography.

Kearl, Stanley Brandon, 1913-, Ph.D., 1949  A series of sculptures.

Kinzinger, Edmund Daniel, 1888 -, Ph.D., 1942  A series of oil paintings