Art History Division Scholarships for Graduate Students

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There are multiple sources of scholarship information, including the Office of Admissions, the Office of Student Financial Aid, and the Iowa Scholarship Portal (for undergraduates only). The School of Art & Art History scholarship coordinator is Holly Johnson.

*Note for graduate students in Art History: Applications are required for the Margarete Ellyson Rice Travel Scholarship (link to application) and the Art History Summer Scholar Travel Award (link to application). Both are due February 15th. For all the other scholarships listed below: no application is required. Any student in the Art History graduate program who meets the specific criteria and who is not on academic probation will be considered for these awards.

School of Art & Art History Scholarships and Fellowships

Margaret A. & Robert L. Alexander Scholarship
Scholarship for doctoral candidates in art history whose research is in the area of Western Civilization including the Ancient Near East.

Pen Parks Andrishok Scholarship (typically $1000–$3000)
Awarded to female graduate or undergraduate Art History students in the SAAH. Preference is given to non-traditional female students.

Art History Scholarship (typically $100–$350)
This scholarship is awarded to deserving Art History students.

Virgil M. Beall Fellowship
This fellowship is given to graduate students.

Charles D. Cuttler Art History European Travel Scholarship
This award is to support travel for dissertation research by ABD doctoral candidates in European art history before 1900.

Elizabeth Gilmore Holt Scholarship
These scholarships are to be awarded to women who have previously completed an M.A. degree in Art History, with preference to a graduate from The University of Iowa, to help with the cost of their pursuit of a Ph.D. degree in Art History at the University.

Lester D. Longman Award in Art
Given to a graduate student(s) who shows the kind of scholarly discipline and intellectual insight
associated with Lester D. Longman. This includes clarity and elegance of writing style, a predominate concern for aesthetic issues, a capacity for keen analysis of individual works of art, and a sense for art in relationship to the history of ideas.

Ann Lee Morgan American Art History Scholarship
Awarded to graduate students in Art History to advance the study and appreciation of American art history, broadly construed to include architecture, decorative arts, and interdisciplinary endeavors. "American" is defined as being from or of the United States only.

Margarete Ellyson Rice Travel Scholarship (typically $1000–$4000) (link to application)
Funds are used to help undergraduate or graduate Art History students travel to Europe to study the Italian Renaissance where it occurred.

William S. Saunders Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship for graduate students specializing in ancient art history and/or aspects of gay art and artists. “Ancient" is defined as the art history and archaeology of the classical Mediterranean cultures (Greek, Etruscan, Roman) or those of ancient Egypt or the Near East before A.D. 325.

Howard & Ruth Schumacher Scholarship ($1500)
Minimum criteria are undergraduate standing, major in the School of Art and Art History, and minimum cumulative Iowa GPA of 2.75; awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional artistic or scholarly talent.