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Master of Arts (M.A.) in Studio Arts

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The Master of Arts degree in art is offered in four areas: Painting & Drawing; Printmaking; Dimensional Practice (which includes Ceramics, Jewelry & Metal Arts, Sculpture, and 3D-Design); and Media, Social Practice, and Design (which includes Graphic Design, Intermedia, and Photography).

The M.A. program requires a minimum of 38 s.h. of graduate credit. The required 38 s.h. includes at least 16 s.h. in a major studio area; 8 s.h. in a second studio area; and 6 s.h. in the history and theory of art, excluding readings and directed studies

M.A. students must hold a B.A. or B.F.A. in art equivalent to that offered by The University of Iowa. Undergraduate deficiencies, if any, may be made up concurrently with graduate study but do not count toward the graduate degree requirements.

M.A. students undergo a division-wide review for M.A. candidacy by the faculty during the third semester in residence. All except painting and drawing students must submit a written artist's statement. Students who pass the division-wide review are accepted to the MFA program by invitation only.

M.A. students in intermedia and video art, and 3D design are required to write a thesis. They may earn 1 s.h. for writing a technical or substantial thesis by registering for ARTS:6000 M.A. Written Thesis, with approval of the thesis supervisor. Thesis credit earned in an M.A. program is not applicable toward M.F.A. requirements. M.A. students in other studio art disciplines choose the thesis or nonthesis option in consultation with their discipline advisor.

Students leave five images of M.A. work for the Graduate Archive.

MA/MFA Degree Requirement Worksheet