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Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Studio Arts

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The Master of Fine Arts program in art requires a minimum of 60 s.h. of graduate credit, including approved credit earned for the M.A. in art. The degree is offered with thesis and with emphases in the following studio art disciplines: ceramics, graphic design, 3D design, drawing, intermedia, jewelry and metal arts, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.

M.F.A. students must hold an M.A. in art equivalent to that offered by The University of Iowa. Transfer credit is decided by faculty review. Following completion of the M.A., students may be invited into the M.F.A. Program. 

The 60 s.h. of credit required for the M.F.A. includes at least 24 s.h. in a primary studio art emphasis; at least 12 s.h. in a secondary studio art emphasis selected from those listed above; 3 s.h. in art history and theory of art; and 3 s.h. in theory, history, criticism, or philosophy (if not already taken). Students must earn 8 s.h. in their primary studio art emphasis and 4 s.h. in their secondary studio art emphasis after being granted an M.A. in art.

All students must undergo an M.F.A. committee review. They also must complete a written thesis and possibly a studio thesis. 

Students leave five images of M.F.A. work for the Graduate Archive.

M.F.A. students may earn 1 s.h. for writing a technical or substantial thesis by registering for ARTS:7000 M.F.A. Written Thesis, with approval of the thesis supervisor. Thesis credit earned in an M.A. program is not applicable toward M.F.A. requirements. 

MA/MFA Degree Requirement Worksheet

M.F.A. + Certificate in Book Arts/Book Studies

Studio Art M.A./M.F.A. students may wish to also earn the 18 s.h. graduate certificate in book arts/book studies offered by the UI Center for the Book. At the Center students have the opportunity to take classes in bookbinding, calligraphy, letterpress printing and papermaking in addition to courses concerned with the impact of the book on society and culture and the analysis and description of historical book artifacts and contemporary artists books.

Students must apply to both programs.  If accepted they will be advised and will matriculate through both programs independently. Many, if not all of the 18 s.h. of elective credits required for the SAAH M.F.A. may be earned as coursework required for the UICB certificate.  Thus it is possible to earn both credentials in the same amount of time required for the SAAH M.F.A. alone by pursuing this option.

MFA Catalog of Graduate Work:
MFA 2020 Catalog