Studio Art Division Scholarships for Graduate Students

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There are multiple sources of scholarship information, including the Office of Admissions, the Office of Student Financial Aid, and the Iowa Scholarship Portal (for undergraduates only). The School of Art & Art History scholarship coordinator is Holly Johnson.

*Note for graduate students in Studio Art only: No application is required. Any student in a studio art graduate program who meets the specific criteria will be considered for awards.

School of Art & Art History Scholarships and Fellowships

Virgil M. Beall Fellowship
This fellowship is given to graduate students.

Leola Bergmann Fellowship
Provides a yearlong fellowship in the amount of $10,000 for a deserving graduate student in the Printmaking program.

Byron and Kay Burford Painting Scholarship
This is awarded to second-year MFA students in painting who demonstrate the greatest potential for a successful career in painting or art education as evidenced by academic achievement and talent. If two students are equally qualified, the scholarship is awarded to the student with the greatest financial need.

Elizabeth Catlett Scholarship
Awarded to undergraduate or graduate students in the Printmaking program who are African-American or Latino.

Lee R. Chesney, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship is awarded to a deserving MFA student in the Printmaking program.

Gabriella Nora Cross Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to deserving student(s) in the Printmaking program; preference is given to undergraduate students.

Eve Drewelowe Scholarship
This award is given to one or more female artists in the Painting & Drawing program; preference is given to graduate students.

Len Everett Fund for Excellence Scholarship
Awarded to graduate students to provide funding for student financial aid and special projects.

Foil Imaging and Frogman’s Print Workshop Scholarship
This award celebrates the memory of Virginia A. Myers by awarding one undergraduate student and one graduate student funding to research Foil Imaging at both the Visual Arts Building at the University of Iowa and Frogman’s Print Workshop in Omaha, NE. 

Paula Patton Grahame Scholarship
Awarded based on ability and financial need to undergraduate or graduate students in the Graphic Design, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture programs.

Orton & Eugenia Hamby Scholarship
Provides scholarship support for deserving students in the SAAH in the Studio division.

Hu Hung-shu Memorial Scholarship
This is an annual scholarship to a deserving graduate student in the 3-D Design program, awarded based on financial need.

Iowa Arts Fellowship
The Iowa Arts Fellowship (IAF) is designed to help recruit the most talented artists to MFA programs at the University of Iowa. The Iowa Arts Fellowship provides MFA students with a first-year fellowship. During this protected time, students will focus on completing their scholarly activities and creative works. This is a one-year award that includes an $20,000 academic year fellowship stipend plus full tuition and 50 percent of the mandatory fees. Students will be responsible for the remainder of their mandatory and course fees. Recipients of the Iowa Arts Fellowship may not hold other paid appointments (TA, RA, instructor) during fellowship years.

L.A. "Tadd" Jensen Sculpture Study Scholarship
Awarded to students in the Sculpture program who wish to study traditional sculpture techniques in a European country.

Ester G. Madison Scholarship
Awarded to students pursuing an MA or MFA in Painting.

Mary Sue Miller Memorial Scholarship
Awarded based primarily on academic record and financial need. Students from Fremont County, Iowa, are given preference; incoming freshmen are eligible for the scholarship.

Virginia A. Myers Scholarship
Selections are based upon merit and/or a need basis; preference is given to graduate students in the Studio division.

The Glenn C. Nelson Memorial Scholarship
This is a merit-based award given to graduate students in Ceramics.

Emma McAllister Novel Scholarship
$1,500 awarded annually to a minority student in the SAAH. The award recipient is chosen on the basis of need and excellence, with no preference toward undergraduate or graduate resident or nonresident students.

Louise L. Osten Memorial Scholarship
This award is used to assist talented and dedicated undergraduate and graduate students in the Jewelry & Metal Arts program. A minimum cumulative Iowa GPA of 2.75 is required; scholarship is awarded on the basis of ability and financial need.

Margaret P. Park Scholarship
This fund is to support one or more annual scholarship(s) in the SAAH based on need and merit to deserving students from St. Louis County, Minnesota, or Rock Island County, Illinois. If no candidates from the above-mentioned locations qualify, then preference is given to a student from Iowa.

Mildred Pelzer-Lynch Graduate Fellowships
Three fellowships are awarded to graduate students in the Painting & Drawing program. The fellowships carry a stipend of $10,000 for the academic year.

W.T. Proudfoot Scholarship
Awarded to undergraduate or graduate students; preference is given to students from Warren County, Iowa.

Eleanor Simmons Memorial Fund Scholarship
The fund is designated to support scholarships in the SAAH in the annual amount of $1,500. The recipients may be either undergraduate or graduate students.

Lucina Mendenhall Wilde Scholarship
Awarded in support of deserving undergraduate or graduate students.