Abdel Rahman (Abe) Irshaidat

Graduate Student

Abe is pursuing an MFA in Graphic design with a secondary emphasis in photography. He earned his BFA in Graphic Design from Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan 2009. He also earned an MA in Graphic Design from Iowa State University in 2023.

After graduating from YU, Abe started working in the industry as a graphic designer and kept working hard until he held a position as an art director. Now, he has 15 years of design experience. Abe also worked as an art teacher for about 4 years at schools in Jordan and Qatar. During his studies at ISU, he was a teaching assistant working with students to transfer his design experience into the classroom, striving to prepare students to become successful designers.

Abe loves branding and how bilingual brands can work in different markets while holding a consistent visual appearance. Abe's research interest is how to use graphic design to visualize complicated data and make it accessible to the public using distinctive approaches.

Research areas
  • Graphic design
Abdel (Abe) Rahman Irshaidat is a Graduate Student in the School of Art and Art History.
BFA, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan
MA, Iowa State University