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Al-Qawi Nanavati is an Artist and Art Educator from Mumbai, India. She has completed her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2017) and a Postgraduate Certification in Indian Aesthetics from Jnanapravaha, Mumbai (2022).  Additionally, Nanavati is the Co-founder of Young Art Support, an online platform that promotes, exhibits, and sells work of young artists commission free. She is currently pursuing her Master's in Printmaking at the University of Iowa.

Nanavati's art practice is an amalgamation of printmaking, painting, and textiles. She is heavily influenced by meditation, prayer, and repetition along with the aftermath of loss and its manifestation in one’s own life. Her works have been exhibited at the CSMVS Museum, Mumbai, India(2022), Kamalnayan Bajaj Gallery Mumbai, India (2022),  Latitude 28, New Delhi, India (2020), Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, USA (2018), Union Arts Club, Chicago, USA (2017), Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Chicago, USA (2016) among others. She has also been part of residencies such as the Space 118 Residency in Mumbai and the Project Art Residency in Chicago and has taught art through the ArtReach program, Kiran Nadar Museum Teaching Fellowship, India. 

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Selected Works

Al-Qawi Nanavati Continuous conversations IV 2022 11x10.5 inches weaving, crochet and handmade paper
Al-Qawi Nanavati Houses You Wanted to Visit I 2020 9x11 inches Hand Sanitizer Image Transfer, Watercolour Screen print and Embro
Al-Qawi Nanavati  Fragments 2020 10 x 12 inches Handmade paper string
Al-Qawi Nanavati I Wore This Too 2021 9x7.5 inches  silk, gesso and paper
Al-Qawi Nanavati Folds 2020 4x7 inches Embossed and embroidered  Clay