Alan Carrillo

Graduate Student

Alan Carrillo is a first-year PhD student specializing in French Medieval architecture. He received a BA in Art History from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and an MA in Digital Art History and Computational Media from Duke University. His MA thesis at Duke University explored the viability of digital modeling as a means to challenge historical evidence. His project focused on the design of a digital scale model of the Paris Temple. By tracing this process, he was able to explain how his method of "deep modeling" can work and why it may be useful for understanding ambiguous historical evidence of structures that have changed over time or may no longer exist. Alan has also worked at Duke's Wired! Lab as a research assistant. His work culminated in a digital scale model and animation of the Wawel Royal Residence in Krakow, Poland. Alan's interests lie in the application of both analog and digital methods in architecture.

Research Interests

  • French Medieval architecture
Research areas
  • Art history