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Charlie Pott is a photographer based out of Kansas City, Missouri. He received his BFA in photography from the University of Kansas and is currently a first year graduate student pursuing an MFA at the University of Iowa.

His interest in photography stems from its latent narrative elements. By way of found imagery, collage, and family archives, Charlie’s images explore photography’s unnervingly sublime relationship with memory, documentation, and impermanence, acting as both a cathartic reckoning and opportunity for serendipitous chance.

Selected Works

Photograph of dear decoy on green lawn with brown leaves street in front of deer house and garage across street not in focus
Green leaves border framing a photograph of someone in a red top, holding cigarette and brown ashtray in right and and empty pot
black and white photograph two people sitting next two each other both in plaid
Black and white photograph of main wearing plaid top, cowboy hat behind tables with various cowboy hats in piles lights on stand
Photograph of person siting on bed holding a cat upright against torso, cat on bed, Betty Boop items on shelving unit