Chunghi Choo

Professor Emerita

Chunghi Choo is F. Wendell Miller Distinguished Professor of Art and an Elected Fellow of the American Craft Council. She taught courses in Jewelry and Metal Art's Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Graduate Workshops and Summer session. She taught Interdisciplinary Design/Metals and Technologies, and has been giving Special Workshops in Electroforming for artists and students from the US and abroad.

Professor Choo and her students have been pioneering the use of non-conventional materials and improving on and developing techniques that continue to lead in the creation of diverse and innovative artworks in metals and in other mediums. They have been creating work without boundaries of media, producing objects in Mixed Media, far ahead of its time. She helps students to develop and refine conceptual and technical skills, and in their personal creative expressions for them to succeed in the field of education, entrepreneurial business practice, and in industry for multi production of Art objects. Her current and former students are frequent winners of major national and international competitions, publications, and museum acquisitions.

Chunghi Choo received her BFA degree from Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea, (1961) and her MFA degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI (1965), majoring in Metalsmithing with minors in Ceramics and Weaving. She has received many Honors that include an invitation by the Smithsonian Institution to leave her professional and personal papers to their Archives of the American Art. A transcript of digitally-recorded interviews about her work, teaching, and life is on the Smithsonian's website. She is a recipient of National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Metalwork. Honors she received from the University of Iowa include: the AMOCO Excellence in Teaching Award; the Regent's Award for Faculty Excellence; titled professorship; and the Helen Kechriotis Nelson Teaching Award. She is presented on the University of Iowa website as one of the "Remarkable People."

Research areas
  • Jewelry and metal arts
Portrait of Chunghi Choo
MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art
BFA, Ewha Womans University