Jacqueline Banigan

Graduate Student

Jacqueline Banigan is a doctoral candidate specializing in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century European art. She is currently writing her dissertation, Workers of the Demi-Monde: New Approaches to Visualizing the Female Form, 1850-1900, which examines intersections of gender, labor, and class in Realist representations of women’s bodies. Her research considers how the embodied experiences of studio models, sex workers, performers, barmaids, and retail workers contributed to the production of Realist imagery.

Jacqueline received her MA and BA degrees in Art History and certificate in Museum Studies from the University of Iowa. She successfully completed the Museum Seminar Internship Program at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she cataloged the work of Jules Jacquemart, J.J. Grandville, and other nineteenth-century French printmakers. She has also worked with the Stanley Museum of Art, Figge Art Museum, Dubuque Museum of Art, and Old Capitol Museum in Iowa City. Additionally, Jacqueline has long been involved in arts outreach through the Dubuque Area Arts Collective, Studio Works, and, more recently, the University of Iowa’s Office of Community Engagement

Research Interests

  • Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century French
Research areas
  • Art history