Jiayi Liang

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Image of Jiayi Liang hold a razor blade with her fingers of both hands
Graduate Student
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Born in Changsha, China, Jiayi Liang is an artist working predominately in photography and performance art. She received her BFA degree from the University of New Mexico, and her work has been internationally exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and China.

Though currently immersed in the foreign country of the United States, Jiayi was inspired by the experiences and influence of her childhood cultural environment while growing up in China. Her work in photography, installation, video, and performance art, uses the body as the main subject in exploring traumatic memories, self-identity, mainstream culture, and limitations of language. Utilizing the body throughout different works as canvas, medium, and subject, She explores how these theories can manifest as a tool of expression within the practice of contemporary art in society.


Selected Works

poster of planets on wall and floor nude person curled up on floor back to camera
torso of body with yellow flower in navel and beige underware
rectangular puzzle partcially put together image of person head face and missing puzzle pieces below chin to shoulder
feminine hygiene pad with writing
Blue image of planet within an outlined box
black background with misc suspended objects
Nude figure sitting on floral sheet with two false arms/hands on floor reaching up