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Kyle Agnew is an Indiana native and received his BFA in photography from the University of Indianapolis in Indianapolis, Indiana. Kyle’s practice is a colorful, sentimental, cluttered closet where dreams can be written into reality through our imaginations. Kyle often works from a large archive of collective familial objects passed down from their grandmother to his mother, and now to him. They ponder this collection and its authenticity to all aspects of his identity, as well as using it as source material to create new queer fairytales and express a more multifaceted idea of queer love. Through exploration of the motifs and symbols these kitschy objects hold Kyle implores their audience to meditate on ideas of gender signaling, heteronormativity, and queer love.

Selected Works

1.	Meditation on Love #3, Two pink ceramic salt and pepper shaker deer with flowers painted on them embrace for a kiss.
2.	Love Birds, Two pink birds sit upon a constructed stage, one with pearls on their neck. A vintage valentine's day hankie cove
3.	Self-portrait with Rainbow Mirror, Figure stares into a mirror holding up two wans or candles trying to peer beyond their ref
5.	Where Do Queer Wishes Go?, A vintage cookie jar in the shape of a house with a pink roof and door sits upon a hill of pink ir
6.	What it Means To Be a Star, A scene of cowboys move from left to right in the frame as two stars fall below them. Behind the
4.	Self-portrait with Mother Dressed as Mary, Figure holds an image up to their chest featuring a cast of characters from a bibl