Monica Correia

Professor Monica Correia
Associate Professor; Area Head, Director of Graduate Studies, Studio Division
E307 VAB
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3D Design

Monica Correia received a Bachelor of Architecture "Cum Laude" degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and a MFA degree in 3D Design from the University of Iowa. Using digital technologies, she designs objects, furniture and interiors inspired in forms found in nature and in her cultural heritage. The design process begins in the computer or in the sketch book, where she keeps collections of images. Afterwards, digital, virtual or real models are built or printed in different scales and media. In addition, colors are used as a way to emphasize objects' provocative intention. She is particularly attracted to the challenge of transforming ideas into functional and aesthetically pleasing objects. Her design combines inspiration, technology and sustainable materials.

At the University of Iowa School of Art and Art History, Monica Correia is an Associate Professor, coordinates the 3D Design program and teaches beginning and advanced 3D Design courses including, Furniture Design, Product Design and Interior Design along with Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC), Computer Modeling, and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies to create beautiful meaningful objects and spaces.

Monica Correia's work has been presented at several art and design exhibitions including DesignJunction in London, EDIT DesignJunction in Milan, "100% Futures", the showcase of world emerging designers at the UK's contemporary leading event 100% Design, at Earls Court, London; "International Contemporary Furniture Fair" (ICFF), New York, NY; "BIO.23", Biennial of Design, Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia; "Salão Design Casa Brasil", Bento Gonçalves, Brazil; "The Skin of Corian®", Milan, Italy; "Abiplast Design Award", São Paulo, Brazil; "Liceu de Design Award", Salvador, Brazil; Krasl Art Center ArtLab Saint Joseph, MI; Chico Art Center, California; Moss-Thorns Gallery of Art, Kansas; among others.

Before moving to the United States, Monica Correia taught at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro School of Architecture, Brazil, and designed interiors for stores and shopping malls in Brazil and Portugal.

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Selected Works: 
Bench designed by Correia
Work designed by Correia
Chair designed by Correia
Lamp designed by Correia
Lamp designed by Correia
Work designed by Correia
Lamps designed by Correia
Lamp designed by Correia