Myat Aung

Graduate Student

Myat Aung is a PhD candidate, specializing in Ancient Roman Art and Architecture with minors in Medieval Art and American Architecture/Urbanism. She received her BA in Art History and Classical Studies from Ripon College and her MA in Ancient Art as well as a certificate in Public Digital Humanities from the University of Iowa.

Myat’s research interests include ancient Roman hydraulic displays, sensory studies, and digital humanities. In her MA Qualifying Paper, Myat examined the juxtaposition of art, architecture, and nature in the garden and nymphaeum at the Villa San Marco in Stabiae, a Roman coastal town on the Bay of Naples. Her dissertation employs 3D digital reconstructions to contextualize sensory experiences of natural and artificial grottoes in elite Roman villas and estates, considering issues of access, spatial articulation, and sensory assemblage.

Research Interests

  • Ancient Roman Art and Architecture
Research areas
  • Art history