Nicholas (Nick) M. Goergen

Graduate Student

Nicholas Goergen is an experimental artist born and raised in Arizona; currently practicing in Iowa City, Iowa. His work speaks to concepts such as information, the past, language and consumerism. His visual style flickers between stimuli and rest with calm, simple images, and abstract sensory overload experiences. Working primarily in video and installation, he also produces digital prints and mixed media works. He graduated with a BFA in Intermedia Art in 2016 at Arizona State University and continued to work with the university community closely after graduating. He worked as an artist assistant to Muriel Magenta between 2016 and 2023.

Nick’s work is informed by the ebb and flow of digital spaces and their role in reflecting modernity and a societal obsession with marketability. He is interested in the social nuances of these space and seeks to bleed them into the tactile world in imperfect ways. These imperfect translations seek to parallel our own failings particularly in the area of communication and empathy.

There is truth to be pulled out of the cacophony.

Research areas
  • Sculpture and intermedia
Nicholas (Nick) M. Goergen is a Graduate Student in the School of Art and Art History.
BFA, Intermedia Art, Arizona State University