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Graduate Student

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Research Interests

Chinese art history

Tina Zhen Zhang is a first-year M.A. student specializing in Chinese art history. She received her B.A. in Fine Arts and M.A. in Art Theory from Southeast University, China.

Her M.A. thesis at Southeast University concluded a special phenomenon called ge dai zhui chong (Revivalism returning to the dynasty before the previous dynasty) in Chinese art history. By investigating works of art in early Yuan and Qing Dynasties, she is aimed at revealing the influence of social and political factors on art, as well as discussing the influence of the internal aesthetic of choice on artists' styles.

In addition to image research, she also has a focus on text research of ancient Chinese books in the art field. She has conducted textual studies on tie wang shan hu 铁网珊瑚and bao hui lu 宝绘录, and has been studying on nan song yuan hua lu南宋院画录.