Veronica Leto

Graduate Student

Veronica Leto (they/them) is an interdisciplinary artist; originally from New Jersey they have spent about half their adult life living in NYC and the last half in Nashville. They are currently enrolled at the University of Iowa MFA program for printmaking with a secondary focus in sculpture and intermedia. In 2022, they received their BFA from Middle Tennessee State University concentrating in printmaking and book arts.

Having been a self-taught artist for many years before pursuing higher education, DIY ethos and aesthetics run deep in their creative expression. Through a mixture of printmaking, performance, and installation their work confronts societal ideologies that preach perfectionism, exclusivity, and shame, often by exploring their own experience as a fat, queer, nonbinary human. Subversion, playful confrontation, appropriation, and unapologetic joy are all tactics they use to reclaim narratives and spaces. Above all, they hope their rebellion is both affirming and contagious.

Instagram: @eveyinorbit

Research areas
  • Printmaking
Veronica Leto is a Graduate Student in the School of Art and Art History.
BFA, Middle Tennessee State University