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eArt Advising March 1, 2017


Feb. 24 –

1.     Deadline for filing Honors in the Major Applications and Final Degree Application for graduating seniors.

2.     If you did not file your final degree application by Feb. 24 and are planning to graduate this May, please submit your final degree application as soon as possible. There will be a late fee.

Summer Registration dates and times are up on your MyUI. Fall registration dates are not up yet.


1.     Students graduating with Honors in your Major, should have filed their Application and Thesis Submission agreements. It is time to begin working on your abstracts. Please contact Lynne or Molly if you have questions about content and format.


1.     March 2- Art History Symposium Preparations contact Zachary-cervenka@uiowa.edu

2.     March 7- noon Graphic Design Panel ABW 340. All welcome


1.     BFA Clearance will be the week of March 27-31. 

2.     To be eligible to go through a BFA clearance you need to have completed, Basic Drawing, Design Fundamentals, the Intro level course in the BFA area and have completed or be in two upper level courses after the intro level. Some disciplines, like Graphic Design, 3D Design and Drawing and painting may have additional or other requirements, so please check with the BFA faculty and Lynne or Molly.

3.     You will need to see Lynne or Molly to check coursework, fill in paperwork and to sign up for a clearance time, prior to clearance. Please make an appointment to do that as soon as possible.

4.     Current BFA Dates, below. Will update if new ones come in.

3/27: Photo

3/28: Painting and Drawing

3/29: Printmaking

3/31: 3D Design, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Metals, intermedia

GRAPHIC DESIGN – Mar. 3- Adobe Creative Jam 150 ABW- Meet your fellow creative community, sign up to have your portfolio reviewed, participate in fun creative jam tournament. More info: http://nvite.com/CreativeJam/uiowa  contact serina-sulentic@uiowa.edu for more information.

JOB/INTERNSHIP Opportunities: Please watch the bulletin board in ABW and the Opportunities page on the SAAH webpage, for internships, jobs and art opportunities.

ART HISTORY SYMPOSIUM: Present your art history research at the art history symposium on April 6. Contact Zachary-cervenka@uiowa.edu for more information

EPX CON- April 8, ABW- LISTEN to lectures and meet animators and designers from Pixar, Disney and more. Free and outstanding opportunity to do critical networking with animators and people in the industry.

SPRING BREAK- March 13-17. If you are here over spring break, it is a good time to plan to meet with Lynne to get ready for fall registration or to meet with our great career counselor, Jamie-cavey@uiowa.edu to talk about resumes, internships, jobs and preparing for your career.

SUMMER HAWK GRANT: Summer hawk grant is now for 6 sh, unless you file an appeal prior to March 1 to extend to 7-9 sh. https://advisingcenter.uiowa.edu/summer-hawk-tuition-grant

If you are planning on using your summer hawk grant this summer, you will need to acknowledge that you plan to use your summer hawk grant by March 1.

TUTORS:  If you need a tutor or would like to be a tutor in art history or studio art, please check out Tutor Iowa: https://tutor.uiowa.edu/

TRANSFER STUDENTS: Are you a recent transfer student and searching for resources of community? Please check out TLC and speak with Molly or Lynne. We want to help you with the transition.

GRADUATION CHECKLIST: https://art.uiowa.edu/resources/students/student-infosessions

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to set up a time to meet.

Your academic advisors,

Lynne Lanning   lynne-lanning@uiowa.edu

Molly Rechkemmer  molly-rechkemmer@uiowa.edu


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