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Registration Procedures

The purpose of registration is for students to select and register for courses for the following semester. As a student at Iowa, you will use MyUI to register for classes and to access information regarding courses and grades, degree requirements, financial aid, and billing, among other things.  Registration is a good time to assess academic progress by reviewing your degree audit on MyUI. MyUI is accessible from any computer with Internet access.

In the School of Art & Art History students are not required to see an advisor before registering for classes. However, advising appointments are highly recommended and we encourage students to schedule a meeting early, as registration appointment slots fill quickly.

Registration Clearance

The department for your primary major is responsible for clearing you to register each semester. Students whose primary major is Studio Art or Art History are automatically approved for registration, and you will be e-mailed each semester with registration clearance information.

To locate your major and advisor, go to MyUI-Student Records-Courses and Grades. If you have more than one major, the major that is listed first is considered your primary major. If Studio Art or Art History is your second major, please note that your primary major authorizes your registration. If you are having a problem with registration, be sure to contact the advisor for your primary major.

When do you register for classes?

Registration typically starts in mid-November for the winter term/spring semester and again in mid-April for the summer session/fall semester. 

Your registration date and time will be listed on your MyUI account. Go to MyUI-Registration to locate your assigned date and time for registration. (Change the session if necessary.) Make sure there are no holds on your registration. Keep in mind that you cannot register for classes until your assigned date or time. 

In most cases, registration date and time is determined by the number of hours earned towards graduation (hours earned information is located on your degree audit on MyUI). Early registration is the two-week period when currently enrolled Iowa students have exclusive access to registration for the next semester.

Previewing Courses on MyUI

Prior to registration, students may view course offerings for the upcoming semester on MyUI under "Courses."  Students may also read course descriptions and see course prerequisites by clicking on the course title.  


Prerequisite courses are listed on the course descriptions. Students must have completed the prerequisite courses Design Fundamentals and Basic Drawing prior to enrolling in other studio courses. Students who enroll in any course for which they do not have the proper prerequisites will be administratively dropped.


Your U-Bill needs to be paid before you can register for classes. Students with unpaid balances on their U-bill may not be eligible to register on the day/time assigned as indicated on MyUI

Students who have balances on their U-bill may go to the Registrar’s Office, 1 Jessup Hall to request a registration appeal.

Health Records

The University of Iowa requires students to show proof of immunization prior to registration. Check your student record on MyUI to see if your health records are up-to-date.

Wait List

Students can add their name to course wait lists on MyUI anytime after the course fills and before the end of the first week of classes.  There is no need to contact the instructor. If a seat becomes available, MyUI will notify the first student on the list and will allow that student 24 hours to register for the course. If the student does not register within 24 hours, the next student on the list will be notified. 

Once the semester begins, wait-listed students may attend class and speak with the instructor about the possibility of enrolling. Course instructors will take roll for wait list students to confirm which students are still actively trying to add the class. Students not in attendance will be removed from the wait list. NOTE:   Being on a wait list does not assure enrollment in a course and enrollment over a course max will be dependent on space and instructor permission.

Changes in Registration

For the first 5 days of classes, students can electronically drop, add, or change sections or semester hours for courses on MyUI.

Beginning the second week of classes, students should use the Change of Registration Form to add or drop courses, change semester hours, or change sections. Forms should be completed with the course information including the section number.  Students may fill out the form online, print it, obtain necessary signatures and submit the form to the Registrar’s Service Center in 17 Calvin Hall between the hours of 8:00 am–4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Required Signatures for changes in registration

In order to add or drop courses, students will need to obtain signatures from the course instructor (or section TA) and academic advisor. Staff in 150 Art Building West may sign drop forms on behalf of academic advisors as long as the course instructor has already signed the form.

DROP:  See the course instructor or TA, or staff in the SAAH office in 150 Art Building West.


  • Pay your U-bill
  • Update your health records if necessary
  • Review your degree evaluation on MyUI
  • Identify any unmet requirements
  • Preview and check prerequisites for courses on MyUI
  • Schedule an appointment to see your advisor early if needed
  • Know the date and time you can register (on MyUI under "Registration”)


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