Graduate Student Studios

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IMPORTANT: SPECIAL SCREWS MUST BE OBTAINED FOR HANGING ALL ARTWORK IN THE VISUAL ARTS BUILDING; students MUST GET APPROVAL from the Faculty Studio Coordinator prior to hanging anything in the building to avoid damage to the unique heating and cooling system within the walls. 

Classroom Spaces:
Students who are enrolled in a given class may use that classroom/studio for class-related studio work during hours the room is open.  It is the policy of the SAAH to maintain the studios open as much as possible.  Studios containing specialized or power equipment are open when supervised by a monitor or graduate assistant. Orientation for use of the Woodshop, Metals Lab, Foundry and Clay Studio is required.  For safety information see "SAAH Safety Manual."

Graduate Student Studios:
Only currently registered students in the School of Art and Art History (SAAH) are eligible to occupy a graduate studio space. The space will be available to you the first week of classes.  You are responsible for providing all labor and supplies required to supply your studio.  Any special needs must be approved in advance by the Faculty Area Head.  You must complete all required safety training, available on ICON.

Use of equipment with sound should be kept at low and reasonable levels due to the proximity of offices, classrooms, and studios. Artwork, as well as props, wires and cords, should not interfere with the normal flow of traffic.

No physical changes to the structure (walls, lighting track, flooring, ceiling, etc) of the studio without special permission of the Faculty Studio Coordinator. Artwork may hang from the walls of the studio only. No artwork may hang from the lighting tracks or the trusses. Exceptionally heavy objects requiring more than two persons to lift must have prior approval.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the University campus. Blood, body fluids, or any other types of pathogens are prohibited. State Fire Safety laws prohibit the use of open flames of any kind. Firearms (i.e.: any usable weapon or usable weapon parts) and explosives are prohibited. Live animals or live insects are not permitted in University buildings.

Upon graduation, you must vacate the studio space by June 30th.  Please leave the space in the same good condition in which you found it. Spackle the walls, clean the floor, remove trash and repaint the walls if necessary. You will be held responsible for any additional cleaning, damaged walls, hauling or repair that the School of Art and Art History incurs.