The M.F.A. Thesis

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With the approval of the degree committee chair, a studio major writing a historical or technical thesis, may take 1A:302, M.A. Written Thesis or 1A:304, M.F.A. Written Thesis in the amount of 1 s.h. for writing the thesis.  Such credit is not required but is applicable to the total number of semester hours required for graduation but is in addition to other course requirements for the M.A. or M.F.A. degrees.

Graduate College regulations covering the formatting of the written thesis are found on the Graduate College's website including templates.

NOTE: Studio Division requires an Acknowledgement page for the M.F.A. thesis.

Thesis Abstract:
A one paragraph to one page summary on the thesis subject is required to be given to all degree committee members (three for M.A. and five for M.F.A.).

Defense Draft of Thesis:
A copy of the thesis is due to all committee members about four weeks before the M.F.A. exhibit. Thesis must be as complete as possible including photocopies (may be black and white) of approved figures that will be included in the final thesis.  See Graduate Program Coordinator for a list of deadlines.

Degree Committee Meetings:

The Degree Committee Meeting is the final examination for all degrees and where the degree committee signs the Final Examination Report and Report of Thesis  Approval (see Graduate College website for template).

Graduate College Deposit of Thesis:
After the degree committee has accepted the thesis the student will make a deposit of the thesis with the Graduate College on or before their posted deadline.  Committee Members then will be notified by email of how to approve (or not) the thesis.