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CLAS Teaching Policies:

Building Access Policies:
Access to School of Art & Art History buildings after-hours (between 10:00pm and 7:00am) requires prox access to be added to the University ID card (Iowa One Card). This access is for individual use only by the student to whom it is assigned. It may not be shared, borrowed, or given to others.

The cardholder may not grant entry to others into School of Art & Art History buildings, including other individuals with assigned access. Cardholders may let only themselves into the building.

Use and distribution of prox access is under the sole discretion of the Director.

To obtain prox access see the the Administrative/Academic Coordinator (150 ABW) or call 319-335-2709.

Grievance Procedure:
If there is a perceived grievance in SAAH these steps are to be taken in the following order:

  1. a preliminary discussion with the course supervisor,
  2. a discussion with the area head and,
  3. a meeting with the Director.

After steps 1-3 have been taken the decision of the Director may then be appealed by invoking the grievance procedures of the Graduate College.

In addition to the SAAHs' procedures there are other avenues through which students may proceed.  These are covered in the “Policies and Regulations Affecting Students” by the Dean of Students (room 135 IMU) and available on-line at Code of Student Life (2011-2012 academic year) - Dean of Students - The University of Iowa or through the Graduate College’s "Academic Policies" which is available on-line Academic Grievance Procedure | Graduate College | The University of Iowa or in the Division of Student Services Office, 249 IMU.

Students also are free to consult with the Academic Associate Dean of the Graduate College (205 Gilmore Hall), Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (202 Jessup Hall), Office of the Ombudsperson (C108 Seashore Hall), University Counseling Service (3223 Westlawn) or COGS (https://cogs.org/).